Baby rats – 5 down, 3 to go.

December 16, 2007

Well the last time I updated this I still had all the babies. The three boys and the black hooded and champagne roan girls have now gone to their new homes. I left the two girls running round the sofa of their new home with one of the girl rats they’re going to live with and have had an email from Hannah who had the boys to say they were running around causing havoc and have settled in fine.

It was quite an eventful trip down to Edinburgh. For once the weather was worse in southern Scotland than it was in Caithness and was hideously windy, then started to rain once I got to Edinburgh. Very heavily!! I was running about an hour behind, which didn’t really matter as Hannah and her OH got lost and were running late as well and I managed to pick a Service station to meet at that had separate bits on either side of the motorway and we were coming in opposite directions. I seemed to spend a lot of time driving up and down the M8 between J4 and J5! The drive back home in the dark with a howling gail and chucking it down with rain isn’t something I fancy doing again soon either!

There are still three girls here – the mink and two champagne hoodies. The guy who is having them couldn’t do last weekend and is away this weekend and I refused to do next weekend. I’m looking forward to sitting on my ass doing nothing next weekend – everything I need to do for Christmas will need to be done by then, and if it’s not it’s too late! I’ve not heard back when he can do after Christmas, so i’ve named them seeing as they’ll be here for another few weeks. The mink hooded is Nutmeg, the paler champagne hoody is Saffron and the other Champers hoody is Marzipan. Marzipan is darker and has more markings and is a fat rat!

I’m enjoying them while they’re here, Nutmeg is still a little bit more timid, but once she decides to play she’s as full of beans as the other two. The two champagne hoodies are just mental – outgoing and licky, like their Mum and Aunty Burmickity. I am wondering about putting them in the Jenny with Sugar and co – it will mean it’s a wee bit overcrowded but the babies will have more room to climb and play about. I’ll have to see how they all get on first!


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