Soppy boys and stroppy girls

December 22, 2007

I know lots of people think boy rats make better pets then girls and I think I am beginning to know why. It may simply be that my boys have been here and been handled by me since birth, but they are so soft. I can pick them up and they go limp and dangle like ferrets. I can turn them over and kiss their tummies and they lay there, only wriggling slightly when they get fed up. I tried that with Pepper and she scratched my nose in her haste to get away!

My girls, however, are being stroppy madams – well two of them in particular. I have momentarily given up on the idea of Charlotte and co living with Sugar and co. Whilst most of them get on fine with a small amount of power grooming when they’re out Pepper and Fogwatt absoloutely hate each other. With a vengeance! They can’t go near each other without fighting, Pepper only has to see Fogwatt to get all foofed up like some furry black and white snowball and it just seems to lead to general stroppiness within their own groups.

I have been manically busy with pet portraits for the last month, but I have now finally finished so I can give the rats a lot more time now. They are the number one priority now between Christmas and New Year so I am thinking of spending some time with just Pepper and Fogwatt and see if I can convince them to get on! I am also going to be writing some more articles for the website and updating it with a few I’ve done already. 


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