Hello 2008!

January 4, 2008

My first mission for 2008 is to sort out my caging situation.

My 6 girls in the Jenny just look too cramped for my liking – and now I need something suitable for 5 boys as well. What I really want is a large cage that can be split in two if required, so I can see if all 12 girls will live together in brand new territory and if they won’t I can split the cage. This leaves me with either a Furet Tower (which will house 17) or a Duetto Aviary (which will house 16). It will most likely be the Furet Tower, because that is about half the price of a Duetto! If I can get either of those two, I can then put the boys in the Tommy. This would be the ideal situation, as I then wouldn’t have to worry about the wide bar spacing on the Tommy with younger girls.

The other option is to get a larger cage for Sugar and co and put the (soon to be) five boys in the Jenny. I have found a Samo 82 I like the look of and it’s a good price. However, realistically this would only be a temporary measure as I really don’t think the Jenny is big enough for 5 boys. Oh well, we shall see.

Ratty wise, I am crossing my fingers they stay healthy and Charlotte and Treacle are still here this time next year. They are definitely starting to slow down a bit and they are both starting to look a bit old. Charlotte seems to have recovered from her recent sneezing and is a lot brighter again.

This year I really want to get into showing, particularly varieties. I am interested in breeding in the future and I really feel I need to get an idea of what to look for and what a ‘good’ rat looks like. However, I also need to be sensible about my numbers as I don’t want to end up with too many and they not get all the love and attention they deserve. I also think it would make sense to get varieties that i’m interested in breeding-wise which are Chocolate and Black. I may see if I can at least visit some breeders when we go back home in March / April – oh why are there so few breeders in Scotland??

The other obstacle to my showing ‘career’ (lol) is my car. It is on it’s last legs with a whistling turbo after having spent £170 to fix a turbo manifold gasket. So, that needs sorting (or scrapping and buying a new one) otherwise I won’t be abe to get to any shows with my rats.


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