New boys have arrived

January 5, 2008

Well I picked up the new boys from work today. We checked with Inverness branch and I can adopt them, I need to sort out the paperwork on Monday.

I was very lazy and have put them in with Jools, Rupert and Charlie already. I’m not sure if that was a good idea but I let them run around together for an hour and a half and there was little more than a couple of noisy scuffles so I thought i’d risk it. Rupert and the Champers Berkshire have been scuffling (I’m assuming they’re the bosses of their prospective groups) and boxing fairly aggressively and the Champers Berkie has a little scratch on this tail, so I will keep a close eye on them over the next few days and separate them if the damage gets worse. I’m sticking with the ‘no blood, no foul’ rule and in my mind a small scratch comes under that rule.

No doubt you’ve guessed they’ve not got names yet – that’s Steve’s department, he names the boys. He’s decided the boys are to be his, he even mentioned paying for vet’s bills!! I’d better hold him to that, especially if the fighting gets a lot worse!! Anyway, I will get some piccies of them soon and let you know their names as soon as I do. 🙂

I have made a decision on the cage situation. I’m going to go for a Furet Tower for the girlies and put the boys in the Tommy. Then I will have the Jenny, Rene 82 and the 2 Nero’s as spares!


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