Photos and updates

January 18, 2008

The new boys are continuing settling in fine. Bo took a couple of days but he’s now out and about and as brave as Luke. Luke has discovered the joys of hammocks and is nearly always in one, either alone or normally with Jools. They are still having a few spats but (cross fingers) nothing serious.

Sugar’s group in the Jenny seem to be settling down though there are still a few squabbles between Fogwatt or Burmickity and the babies. Nutmeg seems to be becoming a bit arguementative – well they do say it’s the quiet ones you have to watch!! They were all asleep together this afternoon in one hammock. As per usual I didn’t have the camera.

The big girls are fine – as usual. My chilled out babies. Charlotte is definitely better and back to charging out of the cage to play. It’s now Tinks I have to convince to come out in the afternoons. Her and Doughnut have always been quiet ratties. I think they are just calm and contented, they are both really boggly which is lovely. Pepper is sounding snotty but doesn’t have any other symptoms so I’m not worrying about it at the moment. I guess it must just be a side effect from her illness last year. Apparently sometimes you get rats with sinus troubles which are just snotty. If it gets worse or she starts getting other symptoms I will start worrying about her.

Annnnd… exciting news! I might be getting a Duetto. They are reduced at my work at the moment, and the branch in Inverness apparently have one in stock. So, my boss is phoning them to see if they’ll dismantle and reserve it for me for Steve to collect next week. Bargain price too.

And some photos coz I haven’t put any on for ages. These were taken about a week ago:

First the boys:

Jools and Charlie saying “Hi!”

Luke heading off to the girl’s cage

Jools and Luke – new best buddies. Awww!

And again, but actually asleep this time. I love it when they sleep on their heads!

And now the girls:

A line up. (l-r) Treacle, Doughnut, Fogwatt and Burmickity

Queueing for the food bowl. (l-r) Saffron, Fogwatt, Fudge, Burmickity and Sugar.

These next three are all of them with Steve. I think it shows how personable and friendly rats are. In all of these photos they climbed up on to him:

Being eaten alive! Pepper can be a bit rough grooming ears and eyes.

Looking out the window. (top to bottom) Fogwatt, Pepper or Sugar (?), Doughnut, Charlotte and Treacle.


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