Nasty Burmickity

January 19, 2008

I’m sure i’ve said before about my stupid bucks climbing on the top of the girl’s cage and being bitten. Well, they don’t seem to be doing it quite so much, but Luke and Bo still haven’t learned… until yesterday evening!

Luke climbed up and sat on the top of the cage and Burmickity bit him. But she wouldn’t let go, she was hanging off his foot and he was squeaking and squeaking. I had to go and rescue him. His foot was covered in blood and when he wasn’t walking about he had it balled up into a little fist. He was still running around though, leaving hundreds of little bloody footprints everywhere! I bathed it with some warm water, then dried it and put some antibacterial wound powder on. That was fun, wriggly monster that he is! It did eventually stop bleeding. I was quite convinced she’d pulled a nail out, but looking closely last night once it was cleaned up a bit I don’t think she did.

He didn’t get back on the cage again though!


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