A cage saga…

January 23, 2008

I told you that a Duetto aviary was being reserved for me by the Inverness branch of my work (Pets at Home – ssshhh don’t tell anyone) didn’t I? Well, they said last Saturday that they would reserve it and to call them when my OH was collecting it and they would dismantle it. So, I called on Sunday and left a message that Steve would be there between 9 – 9.30am Monday. As it was he was late and didn’t arrive until half 10 and guess what?! It wasn’t ready! Whay am I not surprised? Why is nothing I ever do simple???? Not only was it not ready no-one had a clue what he was talking about and didn’t seem overly concerned in helping at all. So he left. Without my aviary.

On Tuesday an intelligent person (the one who had spoken to my boss on Saturday (coincidentally, both named Neil)) called to say it had been dismantled. As it happens I am going down to Elgin tomorrow to a meeting so have removed the dog guard and put the back seats down and am going to collect my own aviary. I shouldn’t have been taking my own car (another boring story of Pets at Home incompetance) but I am. Cross your fingers for me that this time tomorrow night I will have 12 girls leaping about in a Duetto aviary.


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