New rat cages

January 31, 2008

I got my Duetto aviary last Thursday on the way back from my work meeting and we eventually set it up on Saturday. Me and my OH nearly fell out big time coz he had to ‘help’, which basically means taking over. He always helps with the fun bits but never manages to clean out rats or do vet visits.

But anyway, we got it done and the girls seem to like it. They seem ok all 12 living together too. Treacle was funny the Saturday they all went in. Every so often she goes a bit mental and tries to drag her cagemates about by their ears and scruffs of their necks and she chose last Saturday to do this – mainly to Doughnut who is bigger, but more docile than her. Amazingly Fogwatt and Pepper seem to be getting on fine (fingers crossed) and the trouble is between Nutmeg and Doughnut, with Nutmeg leaping on and harrassing Doughnut and then getting kicked at, and Tinks and the ‘baby’ champagne hooded twins. Tinks has decided one of the tubes is hers and was camped out in it yesterday hissing(!) and squeaking if anyone came too close and it was Saffron and Fudge that wouldn’t leave her alone. I shall see how that progresses and if needs be I’ll just take the tube out.

Here are some pics:


dueto aviary large rat cage.

and the bottom:

Large rat cage - Duetto aviary

The boys got moved into the Tommy on Sunday and have settled in fine and are really enjoying all the extra space. It’s really great seeing them climbing about. Steve set this cage up as the boys are ‘his’ (so he thinks!). He did make some nice shelves for them out of mesh covered with perspex which means I can use the plastic shelf that was in there for the Hamster’s new cage.

Some pics:

The top:

Large rat cage tommy 82 T3

And the bottom:

Large rat cage - Tommy 82 T3


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