Poorly rat

January 31, 2008

I was going to blog about the new cage last Saturday but didn’t because I had a really poorly boy rat. I had noticed on Friday that there was what looked like watery blood on the bedding in the boy’s cage but all five were fine, so I couldn’t tell who it was that had the problem.

Then on Saturday poor Luke was definitely not right. He came out to see me but was all hunched up with his fur sticking out and when I picked him up he just led in my arms, which he just doesn’t do. I sat and watched him for a bit eating then he wee’d and I noticed it was all bloody, so off he went to the vets. The vet I saw really likes rats and it was the first time i’d seen her when one of mine needed treatment. She gave him a Metacam (painkiller) injection and prescribed some Baytril. She actually gave me a decent dose of baytril too but told me to give it once a day, which I ignored and split the dose. Saturday night he was still really depressed looking and not eating or drinking a lot which really worried me, so I gave him some calpol as a pain killer in the hope it would brighten him up then went to bed with my fingers crossed!

By Sunday he had brightened up a lot and was his usual bouncy self, but still a bit fluffed up. This gradually got better though and by the time he went in his new cage Sunday evening he looked completely better and I’m pleased to say there’s been no more blood and he’s absoloutely fine now.


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