The rat that can climb walls

February 23, 2008

As you may know I used to have a perspex divider in the rat room to keep the rats in their play pen area. A little while ago I fell over the perspex and broke it, so I had a smaller piece that I used to patch up the gap I made. Eventually, however, Mustard figured out she could jump onto the top of the smaller bit, hop up on to the top and escape. Here is a vid. Not only does it show both Mustard and Pepper escaping, it also shows how well rats can jump and also how rats use their tails for balance.

Pepper and Mustard escaping (video)

Mustard is a mischief. She is very little, she has never reached the 300g mark and i’m sure it’s because she’s so active she just burns off her food straight away! She’s always the first one at the door, even when the rest are asleep in the middle of the day, she’s there climbing the bars. When she’s out she doesn’t stop and if anyone’s going to work out how to escape it’s her. It used to be Treacle, but she’s got a little bit less active now she’s older, so Mustard is now chief escapee.

To get over the problem of her escaping, Steve built me a wall out of chipboard. It’s about 5ft tall with a door and perspex windows in!

The first thing the rattys realised was it was wood so they could chew it:

They managed to do this in about a week! Steve was not impressed. Then Mustard realised she could climb it:

Mustard climbing the wall (video)

So Steve put a length of perspex up the wall so she can’t get a grip of it and a bit over the hole, so that foiled that rat great escape! I really do think they’re contained now, but Mustard has been poorly this week so i’m sure she’ll be back to finding escape routes when she feels 100% again!


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