Moving in to the vets!

February 27, 2008

I go through phases when I seem to spend all my life at the vets. It doesn’t help that I often end up going with work animals too!

I said before that Mustard was poorly. She developed a very loud and snotty rattle along with a fluffed up coat, lethargy and a bit of weight loss. I took her to the vets a week ago today and she had a steroid shot and some baytril which brightened her up but didn’t seem to do anything for the rattle, so we went back to the vets on Monday and whilst at the vets she barely rattled at all! However, I was given some more Baytril and today she has stopped rattling unless she’s eating, so it does seem to be clearing up.

I also had to take Luke to the vet – he seems like he’s going to be a sickly boy. He developed a snotty nose last Saturday evening (why is it always the weekends?) as well as just generally looking sorry for himself so I gave him some of Mustard’s baytril which brightened him up and took him to the vet with Mustard on Monday. We were given more Baytril, which doesn’t seem to be doing a lot yet, but i’m staying patient. He also has a sore eye. His right eye has been runny and porphrin stained on and off for a while now and I couldn’t tell if his face was swollen at all. He was still eating and his eyes were open so I was just keeping an eye on him. Anyway, I now have some antibiotic eye drops which he has to have twice a day – that’s fun, trying to hold a squirming rat and get the drops in his eyes and not on his head!!

Fingers crossed they both get better soon and none of the rest go down with what they’ve got.


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