Hello Laydeez!!

March 1, 2008

Whenever the boys are out to play they have to torment the girls in their cage. Normally Beau is the main troublemaker as he is fairly obsessed with the opposite sex. He’s the only one that makes the effort to get over the wall into the play area when they’re out rampaging about on the other side. (just want to clarify the boys are out rampaging on the other side of the wall to the play pen and the girls are in their cage – they never meet except through the bars!)

I love watching the girl’s reactions. Some of them are very aggressive – defending their cage (i’m assuming) with bites and little punches and grabs with their front feet. Pepper and Mustard are two that are always aggressive and when Mustard was escaping over the perspex she would even bite the boys through the bars of their own cage!! Treacle is a little hussy – she is fairly obsessed with the boys and hurls herself at the bars but she makes little chirping squeaks at them which don’t sound aggressive to me. Charlotte and Doughnut come to say helllo, but just sniff at them gentle and lady-like and normally get shoved dramatically out the way by Treacle and Pepper.

I videoed them the other night and took some photos. It was in the afternoon so not all the girls could be bothered to get out of bed, but Pepper, Treacle, Mustard and Doughnut came to say, “hello boys”, and bat their eyelids! here are a few photos:

Mustard and Beau getting aquainted.

Sitting pretty! (l-r: Mustard, Pepper and Doughnut)

And here’s the video. If you have the volume up you can hear Doughnut’s long drawn out squeaks at the beginning and then Treacle’s little chirps. Enjoy: Ratty Flirting


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