Abcess – yuck!!

March 19, 2008

I was back to the vets today – this time with Beau who has an abcess. I found it late Monday night and managed to get loads of the greenest, smelliest pus i’ve ever seen out of it! Today, thankfully it’s dried up and he just has a fairly large hole in his groin, so the vet just advised to continue bathing it with salt water and didn’t charge me for the consult – bless her!

There’s not been a lot else going on, just the usual nuttiness. Nutmeg is in season this evening and I just spent about 10 minutes trying to catch her as she bounced away from me as soon as I touched her, then when I did eventually get hold of her she sat in my hand and vibrated like mad! It’s brilliant, nearly as funny as boggling!

Treacle is frantically nest-building today. She has made a huge pile of bedding in front of their house, charging up and down the pipes carrying mouthfuls of bedding upstairs. Every so often one of the others trashes it by going in and out of the house so she just builds it back up again. I’m not sure why she does this – she does it occassionally, just goes mental and digs in the bedding or re-arranges it! Nutter. 


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