Mustard’s at it again….

March 23, 2008

…. escaping that is! She has learnt that she can jump up high enough to clear the perspex on the other end of the dividing wall and get up the wall the same way she got up the other end. She’s a monster, but i’m also so proud of her – she’s obviously very clever and very determined.

The one thing I notice about all the rats is once they learn something they don’t forget and they also observe their surroundings. For instance they see me going through the play pen wall door and they know that’s the way out so they’ve started chewing the door – Doughnut and Pepper in particular. I spoiled them today and left the door open so they could rampage about the whole room. I don’t often do this as they can get on the desk and tend to chew and pee on whatever i’m doing on the desk but today I wasn’t doing anything so just let them run about. I love watching them explore somewhere different – it’s oviously so much fun and the girls got their own back on the boys and climbed on their cage for a change.

It was Doughnut’s turn to be in season tonight and she was sat vibrating away at the boys. I will never breed from any of my current rats due to their backgrounds but I do have fun making up ‘virtual’ partnerships and I do think Doughnut would make a good mum. She’s got a lovely temperment, outgoing and friendly but also very docile and calm and she’s got a lot calmer with the other rats as she’s got older. I reckon she’d make lovely babies with Charlie, as he’s a big softy too.

Beau’s abcess is getting better – I pulled a slightly manky bit of scab off yesterday and it’s clean underneath. I also should have said that both Luke and Mustard recovered from whatever snottiness they had that I said about before.


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