Goodbye Spike

March 26, 2008

Last May I brought a male rat home from work to re-home. This was before the days of the Adoption Centre so the ‘left overs’ (my word for the animals that don’t sell) just stayed until someone bought them or a kind-hearted employee took pity on them!

He was a beautiful champagne hooded called Spike who was about 6 months old at the time and on his own. I re-homed him to a lady called Amy, down in Merseyside and he happily moved in with a lone boy she had named Archie. They got on like a house on fire from the word go and never had a cross word to say to each other.

I was wondering recently how he was getting on so emailed Amy and got a reply back yesterday saying that both boys had been put down recently due to pneumonia. I feel really quite sad that he’s gone because even though he was only here about six weeks I fell in love with him and he was a great rat. He took a little while to settle and get used to the idea of coming out to play and cuddles but once he did he never looked back! He loved to be out and about, trundling round on the bed and my desk. My last memories of him are dropping him off with the lady transporting him to Merseyside and him running around her sofa and climbing all over her housemates like he’d been there forever.

I am so pleased though that he found such a loving home and lived the remainder of his life with such a good friend. I’m just glad I was a part of his too short lfe, even just for a bit.

Here are some photos I have of him and a vid of him playing on the bed.

and the vid: Spike free-ranging


2 Responses to “Goodbye Spike”

  1. Leah Says:

    Oh, he looks like my first rat. I just got my black hooded. I am adopting a champagne hooded from Carolina Blue Rattery.

    I just wanted to say he looks just like my rat Riddle, who we lost at age 4. We had to put him down. The cancer wore him away, so slowly. He wouldn’t wake up except to eleminate, and didn’t have the strength to get up. I got him at 5 weeks and we were together ever since. He’s cremated and his cage is still empty in the same spot. Some say I refuse to let go. I don’t refuse to do anything, it’s just he was mommy’s first love and will always be. Spike is so cute.

  2. Laura Says:

    Aww, what a lovely story Leah, So sorry to har about riddle but he was oviously a very lucky ratty to have you.

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