Hello, my name is Luke…

March 26, 2008

….and i’m a mismarked agouti hooded male fancy rat. My favourite thing is coming out to play. I’m always the first to the cage door when them other lazy boys can’t be bothered to move and I love to climb about on our side of the rat room, especially getting up on Mum’s desk and scent marking whatever she’s doing at the time. My second favourite thing is snuggling in bed. Jools is my new bestest friend and i’m nearly always snuggled with him. We like to sleep in our litter basket or in a hammock (even after it’s fallen down!).

I am a bit of a sickly rat – i’ve been to the vets twice since Mum bought me home at the beginning of the year. Once for a urinary infection and then for a respiratory thing but I don’t let it get me down and even climb out of my carrier to say hi to the vet!

Here are some photos of me:

off exploring

hmm…. what’s this?

Ooh! Food!

It’s a hard life. Chilling during free-range on top of the cage with a good view of everything.

And a vid of me: Luke playing


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