Burmickity is poorly

March 29, 2008

My poor baby girl is not herself. She is just sitting by the cage door at play time and not coming out and then if she does come out she just trundles round slowly rather than rampaging all over the place like she does usually. She is also a bit fluffed up. The most worrying thing though is she isn’t sitting up properly to eat and falls over occasionally when twisted round to wash. When she eats she isn’t picking up the food with her feet, just eating out the bowl like a dog does and if she does get something out, she puts it on the floor and holds it on the floor to eat.

I took her to the vet yesterday who says it is likely a neurological problem either in her spine or her brain but he said it wasn’t too bad yet and to keep an eye on her and take her back if/when it gets worse. I posted on the NFRS forum and it could be a number of things, ranging from an infection to a PT (Pituitary Tumour). They also recomended I check her teeth, which I have and they seem to be ok and I have seen her eating a bit.

I have decided to give her some Baytril, as in my mind if it is an infection, surely it’s best to treat early rather than when it gets bad and if it doesn’t work at least I can tell the vet that i’ve tried it as it’ll be the first AB they try.

Fingers crossed she brightens up, especially because i’m away next week and my OH is in charge. Not that he can’t cope, i’m just a bit of a control freak when it comes to my pets and like to know exactly what’s going on!


One Response to “Burmickity is poorly”

  1. Shamisen Says:

    I do hope she perks up very soon! xxx

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