I’m back

April 11, 2008

I’ve been back since Tuesday actually, but have been busy doing not a lot! The rats all managed without me (of course) though i like to think they were pleased to see me on my return. My OH coped perfectly well and I think quite enjoyed looking after them.

Burmickity is unfortunately still not right, though she doesn’t seem to have got worse and has good moments. She was upstairs a couple of times last week and was climbing up the bars yesterday. She is still getting out of the cage by herself to play. She is losing weight which i’m assuming is because eating is hard work, so i’ve been taking her out to eat on her own and am going to start mixing up some special high calorie food for her. My poor baby girl. I know I shouldn’t have favourites but if I was allowed to she would be one! She’s just such a sweet cuddly girl.

The rest of them are all fine. Bo is continuing to be a git so I am seriously thinking about getting him to the vets next month for de-nadding. He keeps chasing the other boys around and kicking and foofing at them while they cower in a tube or box. And then I find them all cuddled up together asleep and think perhaps they’re all ok…

Here they are – five dippy boys cuddled up in their basket:

male pet fancy rats cuddled up together 

Fogwatt has a wound on her tummy. I found a little bit of blood on the bedding yesterday and checked them all for damage. It doesn’t look too bad but I will watch it for signs of abcessing (if that’s a proper word!!). I obviously don’t know who did it to her but she is an argumentative whotsit so it was probably deserved.


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