Burmickity – ?2007 – 14/04/08

April 20, 2008

I had to have Burmickity put to sleep on Monday. She went downhill very quickly on Sunday and could no longer lift herself up to get in the food bowl and she was even struggling with eating soft food. She was falling over whenever she washed herself or turned round and she looked so sad and confused led on her side, I just knew it was time to say goodbye.

I held her in my arms as she slipped away, so hopefully she knew how much I love her.

Burmickity arrived on 15th September 2007 along with Fogwatt and Sugar. Her and Fogwatt were only meant to be foster rats but Burmickity decided that wasn’t to be when she gave Steve a full nose clean-out the day she arrived. He decided they were staying. She was the only one of my rats who routinely gave kisses and she was so much gentler than the rest with her grooming.

She settled in straight away and was such a live-wire. They were let out on the bed but she was off in 5 minutes flat exploring the room and was always happy to be picked up and cuddled. She also had a great temperment with the other girls, never causing fights (though she wouldn’t back down without a struggle if one picked one with her!!) and she was normally found snuggled up with Sugar.

Bye Bye baby girl – we all miss you loads.

roan fancy rat

roan fancy rat

roan fancy rat

roan fancy rat

roan fancy rat


One Response to “Burmickity – ?2007 – 14/04/08”

  1. Tale Says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. 😥

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