Rats on a diet

May 2, 2008

The ratties are all on a diet. And it’s mostly Sugar’s fault! Well, really it’s my fault for letting Sugar get so fat. She is very rotund and even though she is perfectly healthy, it’s not good for rats (just like everything else!) to be too overweight. I weighed her yesterday and she is 477g. She could probably lose 75 – 100g and be perfectly fine.

The diet is being accomplished by cutting down on the fresh food. Rather than getting cooked carbs every day they’re only getting them 2 – 3 times a week and they’re getting just veg the other days. I’ve ordered a sack of Alpha Herbal rabbit food to use as the base for their Shunamite, which is lower in fat than the rat food mix that is the current base, so hopefully that will help. I will try and remember to weigh her about once a week and I will keep you posted.


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