Benefits of rat clubs

June 5, 2008

It seems only yesterday I vowed to get more involved with the ratty show scene and became a member of the NFRS and the SRC but i’ve recently had renewal reminders for both of them (which reminds me, I must do the SRC one!) and I have managed to get to a grand total of 1 show in that time! Transport is just impossible with the car in the state it’s in and there isn’t any public transport, so i’m stuck up here at the edge of the world.

I have re-newed my memberships though, both in the hope of getting a new car soon and because I think there are definite benefits, mainly the newsletters and the NFRS forum. I am really very impressed with the NFRS forum. It’s still fairly small, is open to members only and everyone is generally very tolerant with none of the all too common bitching found on many public forums. There is a fantatsic amount of information to be found from looking through the posts, with lots of it coming from long established, experienced fanciers and the newer members ask questions about things such as breeding, nutrition and healthcare that interest me as a newbie. The newsletters that both clubs produce are also very informative for both breeders and pet owners. The SRC keeps asking for articles and I would love to submit something but not sure what about yet!

The other club I am a sort of member of is the Marked Fancy Rat Club. This is more aimed at breeders (of marked rats obviously) than pet owners. It’s not accepting memberships yet, but it does have a forum which it has opened to those that want to join the club, which is small but very informative. This club will have the option of an online membership which only costs £2.50 where all newsletters etc are received electronically. I am interested in the marked rat club as I love marked rats and if I do ever get into breeding I would like it to be marked rats, so I though I may as well start learning early!!

So, I would say, if you are interested in rats and want to learn more or are interested in showing, then look for a rat club in your area.


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