Powdering their noses

June 20, 2008

No, the girls haven’t suddenly got style conscious, they’re just being their usual destructive selves.

I have (had) a little tub of antiseptic wound powder on my desk in the rat room. It’s very good stuff that you can just dab a little of on a wound and it helps dry up the wound and aids healing. Treacle and Sugar decided the tub looked interesting and chewed it. And chewed it. And then chewed it some more. By this point there is no bottom to the tub and most of the powder is on the table and assorted bad rats. I was the other side of the partition cleaning out the aviary so missed all this. By the time I noticed it was too late. Treacle and Sugar in particular had dainty white noses and patches on their fur and when I picked them up they left a powdery trail across my jumper.

I do have a photo of the mess they made but it’s on my phone. I will upload it and put it on here later. Horrible gits! Just as well I love them really.


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