June 26, 2008

Beau bit me! Pretty hard – he definitely meant it. I was cleaning the boys out Monday afternoon and was halfway through putting the bedding back in the cage when beau jumped in, so I put my hand in take him out and he turned round and bit me. It bled a lot, so I wrapped it up with some micropore as I had to finish their cage then Charlie decided to bite my plaster – why do they do that??! – so there I was with a sore finger attempting to hang up hammocks with Charlie chewing on the plaster.

I have to admit I was shocked at Beau. As you know he’s a pretty hormonal hooligan and isn’t always thay nice to his cage mates and not cuddly or people orientated at all, but he’s never bitten. Apart from my ankles when I have my slippers on, but that’s just cheeky nibbles. I have decided I definitely need to speak to the vets about de-nadding him. I think it will make him a happier, more relaxed boy and will make life easier for his cage mates. They are definitely nervous of him during free-range time. I’m just a bit worried about him having the op – I seriously doubt my vets have ever castrated a rat before and I’ve been reading that post-op abbcesses are fairly common after rat castrates and he seems quite prone to them. They did do a good job with Sugar and Tink though, so I shall just have to trust them.


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