July 6, 2008

GMC is an acronym I discovered on Fancy Rats that stands for Get More Cages. It’s not generally something I suffer from, especially now i’ve got the aviary. However, I have just ordered a new cage from work.

It’s a Savic Freddy 2 and isn’t actually on order simply because I have a desire for a new cage. As I said previously Beau is definitely going to the vets to be de-nadded at some point and there is a chance he won’t integrate back with the rest of the boys. My other problem is Fogwatt. She is the most argumentative rat I own. And I can’t get her bits chopped off!! She had a right go at Tinks the other day and poor Tink ended up with a sore eye for a couple of days. If there’s fighting in the girl’s cage it’s Fogwatt. And it’s not just coz she’s in a big group. She fought with Burmickity when it was just the two of them, with Burmickity and Sugar when there were three of them and then when the baby girls moved in she fought with them to.

So the new plan is to move Fogwatt and Beau into a cage on their own. I may move Fudge in with them as she can also be grumpy with Tinks and the older girls. I also believe from my own (limited) experience that groups more than two are better. When i’ve had two i’ve always had two single ratties sleeping apart.

The new cage is big enough for 4, is slightly smaller than the Jenny but with far superior access and it’s cheaper. So, fingers crossed it all works out!


One Response to “GMC”

  1. Tale Says:

    I always thought that the cure for GMC was owning an aviary, but apparently this isn’t true then… *sigh* I’ve had my aviary for over 2 years now, and I’ve bought almost no cages since. Yeah, almost, because I did buy a new hostpital cage a little over a year ago, but that was really, really necessary (just like your Freddy 2). *LOL*

    I hope you won’t be needing the new cage too much after all. BTW, I’ve had 2 rats when I started out, and they almost always slept together. At the moment I have only 2 (other) rats again, and they also almost always sleep together. Both groups of 2 were/are brothers who spent their whole life together, so that probably helps.

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