Volunteering for Rat Rescue

July 14, 2008

A little while ago I had someone post the following comment on one of my posts. I thought it would be worth posting an answer as a separate post in the hope it might help others too.

really want to help out a shelter like you did and look after some rats – if possible some babies too but i have no idea how to get started. – any advice?

I got to help out with Sugar in response to a request for help from PAWSS on the fancy rats forum. They had about 9 pregnant rats if I remember rightly.

I would imgaine the best way to get started volunteering for a shelter is to phone, email or even go in and see someone and offer your services. I think most places are happy with any help offered. If you want to foster rats you will probably have to fill in a form with information about how you keep your own rats so they can assess you are suitable. They may also want to do a home check. I didn’t but i’m so far away from PAWSS. I did send photos though.

Also remember you don’t have to actually foster animals to help out either. You could also help with transportation or home checking.

I would suggest perhaps starting with your local RSPCA or SSPCA if you don’t know of any other local rescues but I would imagine you might get more luck with a smaller local rescue. They often don’t actually have rescue centres. Like PAWSS, they are more likely to rely on volunteers to actually foster the animals in their homes.

I hope that helps and you manage to find something. It really is very rewarding! Just beware – it’s very hard to hand them over to new homes!!


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