Lumps update

July 26, 2008

I took my girlies to the vet on Thursday and the vet said her first thoughts were mammary lumps, though she had never seen one before on a rat (I think i’m the only one that takes rats to them). They have been booked in to have their lumps removed for a week on Tuesday and we’ll then send the lumps off for analysis.

I still think Sugar’s is an abcess but she is also booked in for lump removal, so i’m continuing with soaking it in hot water and fingers crossed it’ll pop before a week Tuesday.

I’ve been looking up a little about mammary tumours on the web and found some interesting pictures and information on Ratguide. I could spend hours on that site! Here’s the two articles on mammary tumours and tumour removal. Take a look at the figures listed in the first article but not if you have a sensitive disposition. Some are a bit graphic and of ratty operations etc.


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