Working on the website

September 7, 2008

But i’m afraid there’s nothing to show you yet! I realised to my embarrasment that I only have Treacle, Charlotte, Doughnut, Tinks, Mustard & Pepper under the my rats page on the website and it is about a year ago now that I bought Sugar and co. home! I’ve decided to give each rat a page of their own, because the chances are as one page it could get rather long! So far, I’ve done the first six girls’ pages complete with a photo. Took the longest time to work out which photos to use. I may have something to show you tomorrow and will start working on other parts of the site, now my current OU course is coming to an end I shall have a bit more extra time for a few weeks till the next one starts.

For once, there is nothing to report on the ratty front. *fingers crossed* everyone is ok at the moment. I am trying a new food at the moment, which I will put some details up about in the next few days when I see how well they’re eating it.


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