September 18, 2008

It’s been a year since I brought Sugar, Fogwatt and Burmickity home. A year and 3 days to be exact. Which also means all my rats are now over a year old (nearly, Sugar’s babies will be in 2 days time). And I am suffering from GMR. GMR stands for Get More Rats and up until I lost Mustard I hadn’t really suffered from it, but now i’ve lost two from the girls cage it feels like it could do with a new pair to add to the mayhem. It also doesn’t help that i’m hopefully picking up a new car in October when i’m going down south for a short visit (to organise my wedding, can’t remember if I said I was getting married!?) that i’m driving back so I could bring ratties back with me. I would really like a couple of chocolate, british blue or hooded girls that i could show.

However, I am trying to resist as we are (hopefully) moving house and if I do breed (which I really want to) I really need to get my numbers down before I start so they don’t get unmanageable. Oh, but it would be nice to have youngsters again!


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