Wrap up warm

October 5, 2008

Well the heater has finally gone on in the rat room. I have been putting it off until it got really cold because they have plenty of bedding to make nests with and they snuggle up to keep each other warm but the last couple of days has been really cold and the weather forecast says it will be down to 1 degree C tonight!! They’ve also been given extra bedding and the girls have had their covered houses put back in so they can keep toasty all snuggled up together in them.

I’m not sure how cold it gets in there so am going to get a thermometer, then I can monitor how warm the different settings on the heater are as well. I don’t like to have the heater on too high as it seems to make them sneezy.

I have re-organised the boys cage too. I put the tray back in that’s meant to be in there so it’s now a two level cage. I didn’t put the top level back on as it’s plenty big enough for 5 as it is. I changed it round in the vain hope that it might be slightly less messy with the deeper bases and the shelves were just getting disgusting. The top one in particular was being used as a litter tray which was gross! They now don’t have any shelves at all. I will get some pictures to put up here.


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