October 23, 2008

Fudge is off to the vets tomorrow for an op. She is a very poorly girl 😦 She has had a lump developing down by her tail for several months now but because it hasn’t been worrying her and she’s been bright i’ve not worried about it. I could tell it wouldn’t be easily removable because I can’t get my fingers round like I could with Sugar’s, Treacle’s and Charlotte’s. However, she started showing signs of illness on Sunday, with a bit of porphryn round her eyes and nose and yesterday I took her to the vet as she is very sad looking, all hunched up with her eyes not fully open. He said he thought the lump was a hernia and she may be having trouble pooing due to some of her insides having gone inside the hernia, so I was instructed to bring her home, isolate her and monitor her poo. She did one in the space of 24 hours, which is obviously not normal, so is booked in tomorrow for surgery to attempt to rectify the hernia, so fingers crossed for the poor girl.

She’s currently inside, snuggled up on a hammock now with her mum Sugar, as she looked so depressed on her own. Seeing as she’s not pooing properly & I know that now, it seemed a bit pointless to continue isolating her. They also have a pair of Steve’s underpants to cuddle up with that he gave Fudge last night when she was by herself so she could cuddle into something!


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