poorly Fudge

October 26, 2008

Unfortunately Fudge did not recover well from her operation on Friday. When I picked her up at 5pm on Friday, she was like a zombie, with her eyes wide open and staring but with no reaction to anything and no movement at all, just her little heart beating away. I took her to bed with me on Friday, giving her tiny amounts of water and tiny blobs of nutri-cal every few hours and dropping water on her eyes so they wouldn’t dry out. Every so often she’d move her head and blink when I dropped water in her eyes.

On Saturday morning she was attempting to move, dragging herself along in tiny stages and I was overjoyed when she wee’d on me – at least her urinary system was working. By Saturday afteroon she was swallowing the water and polyaid I was syringing into her and she was staggering about rather than dragging herself around.

This afternoon, she did a poo! And she is actively following the syringe with the water and polyaid and she is licking it off the end of the syringe. She still isn’t eating or drinking on her own. She seems to be unable to pick the food out of the bowl, though she is showing an interest and has put her head in the bowl. She is moving better and is lifting her head. She has also been washing her face. She reminds me today of a rat with an advanced Pituitary tumour, as she seems to have limited front end co-ordination and keeps pushing her head into corners. Her eyes are half closed and covered in very dark poryphrin, but she is so much better than she was Friday, and even yesterday.

Tomorrow, she’s going back to the vet and see if they have any ideas of anything that may be able to further her recovery. I am hoping she will be able to eat and drink on her own soon, because she needs to be able to do that for any sort of quality of life.

She didn’t have a hernia, the lump was a lump and was removed fairly easily. I’m not sure what has caused her problems, if it was a reaction to the anaesthetic or if she has something else going on that the operation triggered. It was a different vet that operated on her than has operated on my others and I’m going to find out what/if they did differently.


One Response to “poorly Fudge”

  1. Tale Says:

    Poor Fudge, indeed. I hope she will make a full recovery.

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