Fudge: 20/09/07 – 28/10/08

October 31, 2008

Fudge died on Tuesday evening here at home after going down hill rapidly and refusing food or drink from the syringe when Steve tried to feed her.

Fudge was one of Sugar’s babies, the largest of the girls I kept, she competed with Sugar as an adult for the fattest rat title! She was a lovely girl, friendly and sometimes licky. She liked to play with my hair, she’d sit on my lap and chew and pull at my hair when I leaned forward. She could be a little bit cheeky with the other girls and I caught her one day giving Sugar little nips every time she walked past! Generally though, she got on fine with them all and could often be found snuggled up her sister Saffron, Sugar and Tinkerbell & Charlotte.

12 day old Fudge:

Fudge 12 days old

Fudge at about 10 weeks:

young Fudge

young Fudge

young Fudge

Fudge with Fogwatt during free-range:

Fudge with Fogwatt during free-range

Bye Bye baby girl, you left us far too soon but at least now you’re free from pain and illness. Go find Mustard & Burmickity who will be waiting for you.


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