New arrivals

November 5, 2008

I am having three boys rats move into the milton madhouse soon. They belong to a work colleague who is moving back in with her mum & dad and isn’t allowed to keep the rats 😦 . They will be here on a long term foster type of agreement, so if her situation changes and she moves into a place of her own, she can take them back. Two are about 10 months and the other a bit younger and there is a black hoody, a PEW and a silver fawn and they are called Bob, Monty & Marlon.  They should be here in a week or two.

They are going into the Freddy when they arrive here which may be temporary. I will see what sort of characters they have before deciding whether to put them in with my boys or not. Obviously it would make life easier with them all in one cage but what with them being adult bucks there is a chance they won’t intro well. It also depends a bit on how Beau gets on after his castration (which is today) and how the situation with Luke develops. If Beau ends up going in with the girls, I might see if Luke will go in with the new three and get on better with them, which will leave Sugar’s boys in their own group of three. Who knows, knowing me, i’ll end up doing something completely different!


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