Beau’s gone

November 7, 2008

I can’t quite believe i’m having to write this. Beau didn’t go back in with the boys yesterday as I was working a late shift and decided I wanted to be around to keep an eye on them during their more active time of day. I got up this morning and Beau was curled up at the front of the carrier, looking all puffed up with a bit of poryphrin round his nose, so I opened the carrier and stroked him and when he moved he was staggering on his back end. I looked again and realised there was blood covering the paper where he’d been lying so I took him out to have a look and his intestines were hanging out his body! Obviously I rushed him up the vet and as usual thought the worst of the vet and assumed they hadn’t tied off the inguinal canal properly. I left him with the vet after holding him while the vet gave him an anaesthetic and she managed to get all the intestines back in the correct place and his tubes had been tied correctly – he’d managed to chew through the stitches! She said there were a couple of pieces of intestine that looked pretty unhealthy, but he was waking up from the anaesthetic and we just had to wait and see. Unfortunately, she called me mid morning to say he had slowly gone downhill and had died.

I still can’t quite believe he’s gone – he was ok last night. I put him through the op because I thought he’d be a happier, nicer rat and now he’s gone 😦 I am most definitely going to think very very hard about rat surgery in future.


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