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November 12, 2008

Bob, Monty & Marlon, who arrived on Saturday. They have settled in really well, especially Bob, who was out for a run round the rat room within an hour of arriving. Marlon is the most shy of the three and hid behind my food storage box on Saturday and refused to come out. I ended up having to put a carrier on the floor with a biscuit in, which he eventually got into so I could then get him out. He was very squeaky every time I picked him up but has been fine the last two days when he’s come out of the cage on to me and climbed on my lap during free range in the play pen.

Bob and Monty are both little hooligans and are very brave and have no problems at all with being handled. They make me laugh becuase they get quite grumpy with my girls, particularly Bob, who puffs up and scrabbles at the bars. My original daft boys just sit and gaze lovingly at the girls while they’re foofing and squeaking at them, but Bob gives back what he gets! They are more lively than my boys and will come to the bars to say hello, rather than peer lazily out of bed at me. They also stash food which is amusing. Bob will take it out of the food bowl and pile it in a corner, and Marlon will come along after him, emptying Bob’s pile and putting it in one of his own 😀 They also haven’t quite grasped the concept of the fresh food bowl yet and even left food in it yesterday. Strange boys! I’m assuming they’re just getting used to the idea and will soon come running when it gets put in like the rest of them.

I’m still undecided about whether to intro them to my boys or not, because they’re fairly feisty characters and there’s likely to be a fair amount of squabbling.

Here are a couple of photos:

Black hooded and PEW male pet rats

Bob (black hooded) & Monty (PEW) looking angelic

Black hooded PEW and Silver Fawn male pet rats

Bob (top), Monty (bottom left) and Marlon coming out to play.


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