Boy trouble!

November 23, 2008

Some people reckon boy rats make better pets than girls because they’re bigger and squishy and less active. I have decided that mine are just trouble!

I am worried about Luke because he still appears to be being picked on. He has several scabs on him, some of them long scratches so not scabs from him scratching himself or anything. I’ve given him some invermectin, in case he does have mites or anything and i’ll keep an eye on him. I think it’s Charlie causing the wounds because i’ve seen them scrapping and Luke seems very wary of him. I’m not sure what to do with them – I could take Charlie out, then I’d have to put him somewhere and he’s definitely not got to the stage where castration is needed, as he’s fine with his brothers. The most sensible thing seems to be to remove Luke, but not sure where to. I’m not leaving him on his own and am terrified of having him castrated. I don’t think the new boys will accept him as they are very confident. I could try though. I thought about putting him with Sugar and Tinkerbell as they’ve been spayed but I don’t really want to take them out of the girly group and I’m not sure if he’d still hump them and annoy them. I will have to ask for some advice, as he’s not really happy at the moment and he’s such a lovely boy, so people friendly.

I am also having trouble with Bob, who is showing some over-dominant behaviour towards me and bit me today! A couple of times i’ve had him out on my lap and he’s got foofy and grazed my knuckles with his teeth, but not bit. He did it again today so I went to get a grip of him and put him on the floor and he sunk his teeth in hard & definitely deliberately. It’s amazing how much rat bites bleed and how much they hurt! He was fine afterwards, letting me pick him up to go back in his cage. I’m just crossing my fingers he doesn’t do it again.

So, I have decided – boys are just trouble (well a couple of them anyway, most of them are absoloutely fine 🙂 )


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