Making plans

November 28, 2008

Some of you may have noticed the home page of my website has changed as has my ‘about’ page on here. (I’ve also changed my blog template again, but that’s just me getting bored). Anyway, they now mention I am planning on beginning breeding. I finally made the decision that I would like to breed, to contribute something towards the rat fancy in Scotland and produce healthy well tempered, showable rats. I will be aiming towards British Blue & British Blue Agouti, Champagne and eventually Apricot Agouti. I have never met an Apricot Agouti rat but they are currently in the New Varieties section of the NFRS varieties and I liked the idea of working on a new variety, once i’ve got into the swing of breeding standardised varieties! Apricot Agoutis are pink eyed Blue Agoutis, so seemed an ideal one to try as they are a mixture of the two varieties I want to work on.

I will not be having my first litter until Spring 2010 after obtaining the foundation rats in Autumn 2009. I wanted to give myself plenty of time to plan as well as let my numbers fall a bit. I will have two separate lines, one of Champagne, one Blue / Blue Agouti and after several generations will combine these to ‘make’ the apricot agoutis. I will also get Agoutis, Blacks, Silver Fawns, Chocolates and Chocolate Agoutis from my litters (my foundation rats for the Champagnes are going to be a Chocolate and a Silver Fawn). I have spoken to two registered NFRS studs, Rivendell & Alpha Centuari, who have agreed to help me by supplying me with my foundation rats.

My main aims will be working towards rats with excellent health, a reduction in mammary tumours and a strong resistance to respiratory infections, increased longevity, as well as excellent temperament & hopefully one or two of showable quality too!

I have made a lot of plans already, including designing the database I’m going to keep my ratty information on and I will share them and other thoughts and information as I head towards the beginning of Northern Lights Rattery.


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