Treacle – Oct ’06 – 8/1/09

January 13, 2009

I had to have Treacle PTS last Thursday. Since just after New Year she had suddenly become very lethargic, barely eating anything and she was wobbling on her back legs. She was still climbing out the cage for a little trundle round and still had her characteristic bright eyed look, but by Thursday she was dragging her back legs and just looked so ill. She obviously wasn’t giving up, so I had to help her on her way.

She came home on 2nd Jan ’07, one of my first pair of girls that started it all off. She was returned to the shop by someone who wasn’t allowed rats in their rented accomodation on the same day I had already decided I was taking Charlottte, so she came home too. She was always braver than Charlotte and was always one of the first to investigate anything new. She accepted new rats readily, living with 10 other girls at the maximum and was always to be found snuggled in a big heap. Her one quirky thing with the other girls was every so often she would attempt to drag them around by their ears! I was never sure if she was being hormonal or just plain bossy.

She loved to get in my sleeves and inside my fleece or jumper and I could normally tell it was her from the enthusiastic barging about. If there was somewhere she wanted to be she just kept shoving until she got there! One of her favourite places to get when she was younger was my printer, which she’d dissapear inside, then re-appear, trailing inky ratty paw prints everywhere. I used to stuff a towel in the opening to attempt to block it, but she knew she’d got in before, so she just kept on digging and pulling until she got inside. She taught me how determined rats are and how well they remember. If I blocked an escape route she’d previously used, she’d remember where it was and work and work to get round the block.

One of the things I will always remember her for is her nest building. She would work for ages on a nest, tirelessly running up and down the cage with mouthfulls of shredded paper untill every last bit was added to her creation. I’m so pleased I got her on video doing it, it makes me smile every time I watch it.

Bye bye Treacle-pud (or Treaks). The cage is empty without you & we miss you so much.

Treacle on her first day:
female agouti hooded fancy rat - Treacle

Playing in the printer:
female agouti hooded fancy rat - Treacle

female agouti hooded fancy rat - Treacle

female agouti hooded fancy rat - Treacle

Treacle and friends:
female fancy rats in a hammock

Treacle wrestling a coconut snowball from my OH:
female agouti hooded fancy rat - Treacle

Towards the end, Treacle looking out of the igloo:
female agouti hooded fancy rat - Treacle

And last Thursday, snuggled in my fleece. You can see how skinny she is here 😦
female agouti hooded fancy rat - Treacle


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