Moving the rats

January 29, 2009

Well we moved house with no problems and my internet was all plugged back in today so i’m back online, hooray!!

The rats all managed the move fine with only one bad moment when the OH stacked the boy’s carrier on top of a box, which it promptly fell off of, catupulting the poor boys to the floor, thankfully the carrier stayed closed. The girls were put in a small temporary cage (my Rene 82) and they were moved in that, the boys were put in carriers and stayed in them for several hours until we could get the cages out of the Landrover, as they’d been put in first so everything else had to be moved so we could get to them!! Luckily the cages fitted in the vehicle without being taken apart so I didn’t have to fill them with bedding before the rats could be put in them. Did have one interesting moment when OH tipped the Freddy up on it’s side to wedge in my car, forgetting it was still full of bedding!

The poor girls stayed in their temporary cage for a week before I could even fit the aviary in the room, as the rat room was the only ‘spare’ room and was used as a dumping ground for all the boxes. It’s now looking ok though, I will put some before & after pictures up shortly! The only problem to resolve now is free range time because I can no longer let them rampage due to the computer being in the room and I can’t watch all 8 girls all at the same time. So at the moment, the poor things are just getting cuddles and no out time.

The one good thing about having them indoors is I don’t have to brave the weather to do their food and water but I am really missing my rat shed! A new one is most definitely a priority.


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