Luke’s poorly eye

January 31, 2009

Luke really is a sickly sort of a rat! If rats could take out shares he could get some at the vets!! He now has a poorly eye. I noticed it last Tuesday, the day before I was due to go to Perth for the day with work so my OH kindly took him to the vets for me. His eye had gone cloudy and is sunken slightly. There seemed to be a bit of white goo as well. The vet gave us some eye drops to apply three times a day (which is quite difficult to hold a wriggly rat and get the drops in his eye and not on his head!) and said it was internal damage and to take him back in a week if it hadn’t cleared.

It has got slightly better, no goo anymore but it is still sort of cloudy looking – it looks the same as the other eye but has a purple look to it, not black. I took him back to the vets on Thursday and saw a different vet who said it is likely he has blood behind the cornea of his eye, which will hopefully clear itself. It is likely he is blind in that eye but it isn’t bothering him at all.

The only thing the vet said to watch for is if it starts swelling or becoming painful, in which case it is likely glucoma and he may need to have his eye removed! Fingers crossed that won’t happen. So at the moment, we’re just keeping an eye on him and will take him back if it gets worse. My poor boy, he really does seem to end up with everything!


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