Some sad news

February 17, 2009

I was contacted at the beginning of February by Hannah who had three of Sugar’s boys off of me. She had lost two of them in January, one from a stroke and the other had a tumour removed but reacted badly to the anaesthetic and died at home (strangely enough, the same as Fudge and not much older then her either).

I was really sad to hear this news as they were only just over a year old and it sounded like they turned into lovely friendly boys.

Here are a couple of photos from when the little rascals were still here:

Jango the hoody beating up either Jools or Rupert and Remy watching on:

baby boy rats playing

Jango chewing on my shoe:

baby boy rats playing

Jango at about 10 ish weeks, just before they left:

baby boy rats playing

And Remy at the same time:

baby boy rats playing

Goodbye boys, go find your sister Fudge….


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