Bye bye Pepper – Apr(?) ’07 – 18/2/09

February 20, 2009

I had to have the lovely Pepper pts on Wednesday. I said that she was not right in herself and noticed Tuesday night that she seemed to be struggling breathing, breathing really deeply and stopping every so often to catch her breath. She was still trundling about and jumping in and out the cage. By Wednesday morning, she was looking worse, so I booked her into the vets for 4pm, then pulled the appointment forward when I found her gasping and having to drag herself about. By the time we got to the vets she was so far gone, she wasn’t even sedated before being given the injection ūüė¶ . I held her in my arms as she left me after having sat in the vet’s waiting room with her snuggled in my fleece.

We buried her under the tree in the garden.

Pepper came home on 3rd July after being advertised free to a good home with Mustard on a local website. She settled in really quickly and was the easiest intro ever into the group of girls.

She was a hooligan rat, always full of mischief and the first to check out new things. She liked to barge around in my fleece but the thing I will always remember her for is her jewellery fetish.¬†¬†She would chew and pull my¬†earings and¬†my necklace while I was wearing them! She would also give a rather hard head massage, chewing and grooming my hair. And she’d bite my lips and grab at my eyes with her hands! My OH loved her and would tease her when she was sat on his shoulder, blowing at her and then blocking her path with his hand when she tried to get at his mouth. She would push and pull and climb to get over his hand then pretend to give up, sneaking back a minute later and bite his ears! She was trouble but so much fun with it, my favourite sort of rat.

Here are some photos of her:

black hooded female fancy rat

With her head in a jar

black hooded female fancy rat

Talking to the boys (she would regularly escape out of the play pen by jumping from our laps to the barrier)

black hooded female fancy rat

Looking for yoggies

black hooded female fancy rat

Working out how to get out (with Doughnut)

black hooded female fancy rat

Eyeing up the barrier

black hooded female fancy rat

Heading out to play

black hooded female fancy rat

And looking for an escape route again!

Bye Bye my girl, play times are quiet without you. Go find Mustard and Treacle and cause some mischief!!


One Response to “Bye bye Pepper – Apr(?) ’07 – 18/2/09”

  1. Rat Info Says:

    Wow your rats are adorable!! Could I possibly use some of your pictures for my new site Rat Info ?

    And your black variegated rat looks like my little algie!

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