Rat photographs

March 28, 2009

I have finally taken some photographs of Jemima. They aren’t very good as taking good photographs of pink eyed, pale rats is pretty impossible with a flash and it just bleaches them out completely. She is enjoying her free range time, she hurtles round at about 100 mph and is a nightmare to get hold of. She’s very busy and reminds a little bit of  Mustard. Today she thought she might get in the Guinea Pig cage! So it was pushed back against the wall and she didn’t try again after that. I don’t think they would have hurt her, but it was too big a risk. Anyway, here are a couple of dodgy photos:

PEW female fancy rat

PEW female fancy rat

And one of Doughnut just because it’s a cute photograph.

PEW female fancy rat 

Doughnut and Luke are both off to the vet’s next week to have their lumps looked at. Doughnut’s two are getting pretty big and the one in her groin is beginning to affect her walking. We were going to wait until they started to affect her quality of life, fully expecting her to start ‘getting old’  but she is still happy, still eating, maintaining weight and coming out to play. It seems awful to simply put her down because her lumps are getting too big. I hate the thought of putting her through an operation, but it seems mean not to.

Luke’s lump is also getting big and is growing quite fast. I am quite worried about putting him through an op as he is such a sickly thing, but he’s only about 18 months old and again I hate the thought of him being PTS just because his lump got too big. I shall have to speak to the vet and see what they think. I am also wondering if he does have the op about having him castrated at the same time as I wonder if he’ll be happier with the girls as he is most definitely an underdog in his current cage. Obviously though, I am really terrified of getting him castrated after what happened to Beau, so again, I shall need to really talk it through with the vet and have a really long think.


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