Doughnut & Luke

April 3, 2009

Doughnut and Luke went to visit the vet yesterday. She said removing Doughnut’s armpit lump would be fairly straightforward but the one in her groin is very attached and very close to important bits so she wouldn’t be happy about attempting to remove all of it, but she could de-bulk it. This means removing as much as she can, but obviously the bit left will then re-grow. It is also likely she will develop more lumps anyway, as mammary lumps tend to re-grow when they are removed anyway. So, I need to decide if it is worth putting Doughnut through the risk of an op and the recovery time, for what may only be an extra couple of months. I still really don’t like the idea of putting her down because of the lumps when she seems so healthy otherwise.

The vet said Luke’s lump is straight forward to remove but she’s not sure how well he will cope with the anaesthetic, due to his rattling and general non-robustness (is that even a word?!).

She didn’t really tell me anything i didn’t know and i need to make the decision. I’m still thinking about it but at the moment and leaning towards risking Doughnut because she is so healthy and waiting with Luke until his lump gets to the stage where it is hindering him and then have another think.


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