Saffron and the Yoghurt drops

April 17, 2009

Up until recently I had my ratty treats in a carrier bag under the table the boy’s cage is sat on. Then the rats found them and started to help themselves so they got moved! The yoghurt drops are now on my desk.

Saffron seems to have taken on the trouble-maker role after the loss of Pepper, Treacle & Mustard and has discovered they are on the desk. So her favourite thing is to climb up my legs, up onto the desk and help herself to the yoghurt drops. After she’s had a couple I put her back down, but because rats are so persistant she keeps returning. Again and again, she runs up, I put her down, she runs back and climbs up, the whole time the girls are out.

The other day I decided to thwart her and put my feet under my stool so she couldn’t climb up, but she jumped onto the bar along the bottom of the stool instead and climbed up between my legs. So I closed my legs…. and she chewed a hole in my jeans!! I have decided she is unstoppable and she’s so cute. Mischief rats are my favourite 😀


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