Luke – Sep (ish) ’07 – 20/04/09

April 22, 2009

Luke came home with Beau early in January 2008. They had both been in the pet shop I work in for many months and had ended up out the back, being treated for mites as Beau had bald arms and Luke had a bald spot on his head. I’m fairly sure it was simply Beau barbering because he was bored, however, as it stopped as soon as they arrived home. They had both got big, so I ended up adopting them.

They moved in with Charlie, Jools and Rupert with Luke and Jools to be found snuggled together from about 2 days of having Luke! Luke was a livewire. When he was at work he was the ‘pr’ rat because he was so friendly and would go to anyone. He remained that way here and was always up to mischief. He would actually run around at free range time, rather than sit on top of the cage like the other boys!

He liked tea and would always finish the dregs given half a chance.

In November I noticed he was getting a bit thin and Charlie was giving him a bit of grief, but after the move here they seemed to settle down so I left the four of them together. He got an infection inside his eye in January, then at the begining of February I noticed the lump in his armpit. My lovely, lively boy slowed down, lost weight and slowly lost interest in life. I took him to the vets for the final time on Monday.

Bye, Bye my beautiful boy. Run free now and find your brother Beau.

With Jools soon after he came home.

Exploring during free range

Found something to munch

Sharing a cuppa!

Snuggles with Beau (RIP) and either Jools or Rupert

And eating a stolen digestive


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