Jemima’s abcess

April 26, 2009

Poor Jemima has an abcess.

I noticed on Thursday that she had a huge lump across her shoulders so took her with me on Friday when I took Monty for his jab. The vet poked a needle in it and drew out some pus, so then he lanced it! It was gross – loads of runny, slightly bloody pus, then it got really thick, so the vet got hold of it and pulled and a great load of tissue came out! She was so good though. The vet asked if I was happy holding her while he did it, but I have to admit I felt a bit sick by the time he’d finished. It’s the smell of abcess’ that make me feel ill.

I have to keep the wound open and bathe it regularly with warm, salty water which will draw any yucky stuff out. So i’m doing that and there’s still quite a bit of gack coming out of it. I’ve also noticed that she has a swelling behind her ear that leads to the abcess. It looks like a blister and feels watery to touch. So she’s going back to the vet on Monday when I take Monty in for his jab. Poor girly is not impressed with me at the moment.


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