Charlotte – Oct ’06 – 29/4/09

May 7, 2009

Charlotte came home with me on 2nd January 2007. She had been left on her own in the pet shop where I work and the day I’d decided i was going to have her, Treacle was brought back so they came home together.

Charlotte was very nervous at first and would hide under the furniture when we let her out, so we had to free-range her on the bed to prevent her hiding. It took her about three weeks before she developed her confidence and began to enjoy out time, so her and Treacle then had free run of the bedroom. It was Charlotte that showed me how much rats like sleeves – for a long time she would only come out of the cage into a sleeve.

Charlotte was one of my OH’s favourites. She was quite cuddly and he loved that she would come to him if you rustled a bag of treats. Charlotte loved her food. Even when she got old, she would fight the youngsters for the good stuff, like a chicken bone. She was fantastic with other rats and I’m fairly certain that she was alpha rat, as no-one ever argued with her and she always got her own way with the food! She lived with 11 other rats at one time and could always be found snuggled up in a big heap, and more recently with Doughnut.

Charlotte had a lump removed in August last year and recovered really well. Another lump began to develop in December, so I’d been carefully watching her since then. She got old and thin and developed cataracts but remained happy and was eating well and coming out for a short wander at out time. She’d been slowing down over the last couple of months and I noticed at the end of April that she was dirty around her back end and unable to keep herself clean, so we said goodbye before it made her uncomfortable. She outlived 5 of her cage mates and her loss is the end of an era. Her and Treacle were the two that started the love of rats and she’ll have a special place in my heart forever.

Baby Charlotte, a day or 2 after arriving home:

Finding somewhere to hide from the big wide world:

Sharing a cup of tea with me and Sugar:

Enjoying her Christmas stocking:

And growing old gracefully, but still enjoying the food!

Goodbye Charlotte, my special old lady, go find Treacle and the other girls….


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