Monty – Nov (ish) ’07 – 29/4/09

May 7, 2009

Monty came to live with me in November ’08 along with Bob & Marlon, after a work colleague had to give them up after moving back in with her parents.

Monty was very confident right from the word go and was the first out of the carrier and off exploring the desk. He was always very active, coming to the bars as soon as the door opened wanting some attention and to come out. He was a friendly ratty, both with people and with other rats, though he would occassionally have a squabble with Bob.

He became ill in April with a snotty nose and a bit of a rattle, which wouldn’t clear up. After trying three different antibiotics which failed to provide a long-term solution, the vet and I decided it was kinder to let him go.

He was hard to photograph as he never stayed still for long, but here are a couple that I managed to get:

With Bob, pretending to be angelic:

Heading out for mischief:

And stopped for a rare 5 seconds or so!

Bye Bye Monty, me and your first Mummy will miss you lots.


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