Boys in the Litter Tray

June 22, 2009

I have been away for last weekend as I went back down to England to get married. The ratties were ably looked after by one of my work friends.

I returned Monday night to find Marlon really very ill, gasping for breath and very wobbly. I was surprised to find him with me on Tuesday morning so I booked him in at the vets. He is now on antibiotics after having a steriod injection and even though he is still snotty, he does seem a lot brighter, so hopefully he’s on the mend. I’m currently trying to fatten him up, which is actually suprisingly hard as neither him nor Bob eat a lot of fresh food and are very fussy. He likes bread though and tonight I’m going to try them with some Lactol.

I also came home to find Charlie and co. had moved their bedding out of their house and had made their bed in the litter tray! I was pleased to find they weren’t still using it as a toilet. I think they must have got hot in their house. I got a not very good photo, but Rupert & Jools just looked so cute I couldn’t resist:


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